About Us

We are specialists with
a logistical edge.

We aim to be the most consistent supplier of wire ropes for businesses worldwide.

  • 200+

    years group experience

  • 325+

    clients worldwide

  • 12,800+

    km annual production capacity

In the dynamic business environment we find ourselves in, it is important for you to optimise your costs, and at the same time improve output. As specialists, Brunton Wire Ropes is geared to improve your productivity with advanced solutions, reduce your downtime with a smart supply chain, and optimise your costs with a value for money offering.

Usha Martin Group

Wire ropes function in extremely strenuous conditions, for which they must satisfy demanding engineering standards. Brunton offers consistency with its integrated manufacturing capabilities, and transparency by informatively labelling its consignments.

Manufacturing Quality policy & certifications

We are able to achieve phenomenally low turnaround time for most of our orders—by being operationally lean and located at the crossroads of global supply chains, next to the Jebel Ali Port in Dubai.

Logistical superiority

For years, Brunton has been the supplier of choice for wire rope applications in the Middle East and Asia. Between 2004 and 2022, Brunton swiftly increased its footprint, growing by 300% in ten years and consolidating more than 50% market share in Middle East & Africa.