The Usha Martin Group

Strong product lines & stronger relationships

  • 10,000+

    clients worldwide

  • 300,500+

    tons annual production capacity

  • 300+

    dealers worldwide

  • 19+

    offices globally

  • Our rope design processes have evolved over decades. Backed by in-house simulation, on-field trials, we can achieve the low tolerances you require to surpass quality checks. Continuous collaboration with OEMs to customise rope design gives the Usha Martin Group an extra edge that benefits customers.

  • We’ve been holding our own in a volatile market scenario. We remain consistent and rational in all our price changes. Our policy is to respect contractual obligations, even during stresses in commodity pricing. Further, by being spread all over the world, we can achieve true supply chain superiority.

  • The group is contractually tied-up with modern alloy steel suppliers. Our suppliers own iron or core mines, ensuring a consistent supply of high quality steel wire ropes.



North & South America