We supply the most reliable, versatile range of conventional wire ropes under the Hyflex series of ropes.

They are conventional round wire stranded ropes with good resistance to abrasion and flexibility; they are fully lubricated and have a high performance. Hyflex has upheld our performance guarantees exceedingly well in continuous load applications like port cranes, and in demanding environments like subsea applications and lifeboats.

  • For decades, Hyflex has been the range of choice for the oil & gas and cranes industry. This range has excelled under the most exacting industry standards and the most demanding working conditions. It has catered to vast areas of application in the general engineering industry, both in the form of direct usage of rope and in the form of slings coming out of the rigging workshop.

  • Hyflex serves nearly all types of crane applications. They are designed under classifications like 6x19, 6x36, 19x7, and 35x7. Hyflex also has variants in fibre core or independent wire rope core, as per the need of the applications.

Bruton Wire Ropes can supply wire ropes for any application.