Powerform® compacted wire ropes outperform conventional designs and competitive compacted ropes by long margin.

Made of individually compacted strands, this range of new generation high performance ropes is more abrasion & crushing resistant, durable, and reliable than most designs. Wherever rope application is critical, requiring high performance in rigorous working conditions, Powerform® is the best bet.

  • Crane OEMs can optimise the design of winch drums and sheaves for better crane performance whilst still complying with international crane design standards.

    The high breaking load to size relationship can allow crane manufacturers to optimise the design of crane components such as the winch drum and sheaves whilst still complying with international crane design standards.

  • Compared to conventional ropes, Powerform can deliver up to twice normal service life.

    Laboratory fatigue testing shows that Powerform® can achieve two times the normal service life when compared to conventional ropes of equivalent construction.

  • Powerform delivers very high crushing resistance in multi-layer coiling situations.

    Powerform® ropes are recommended for all multi-layer coiling situations where crushing on lower layers is inevitable. The more solid cross section of the Powerform® rope offers much greater resistance to this type of damage.

  • A very high steel fill factor gives Powerform® excellent resistance to crushing damage.

    Crossover points on winch drums put the wire rope under extreme pressures, which can cause crushing of the strands over time. Compacted strands have a sufficiently high steel fill factor so as to resist this crushing force, thus elongating service life and improving reliability.

  • Greater resistance to "Interference" at the drum

    Abrasive wear between adjacent laps of rope is usually most severe at points where the rope moves on and off the drum. With a high steel fill factor, Powerform® achieves greater resistance to crushing and minimised interference.

  • Reduced wear on sheaves increase service life expectancy

    The smooth exterior of the Powerform® rope can lead to reduced abrasive wear on both the sheave and rope.

    More contact points. Less wear.

    Compacted strands offer great internal and external contact conditions, reducing wear over time.

    Compacted strands offer much greater points of contact internally within the rope compared to round wires within a conventional strand; they offer greater contact even externally on fittings, and the smooth surface offers a wider bearing surface to the sheave or drum groove. Further, inter strand contact and contact between adjacent laps on the winch drum is also improved. The result is a rope that wears far slower, and delivers more reliable performance.


Powerform compacted ropes deliver real business value.