Quality at Brunton

High quality per square unit.

For us, industry standards are not upper limits, they are minimum guarantees. Brunton Wire Ropes’ Dubai is certified by QMS, Llyod’s Register, Intertek, UKAS, API (9A), ISO, etc.; our plant follows an intensive quality assurance program as per BS EN ISO 9001 standards.

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Our design, procurement, and processes have been refined over decades to achieve impeccable quality, and often surpass standards so that you can operate your equipment without worrying about below par performance and unexpected downtime.

  • Delivers quality products on-time to meet customer satisfaction

  • Builds a win-win relationship with business partners

  • Provides essential technical service to customers

  • Ensures excellent performance quotient from our products

  • Complies with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

  • Continually improves the quality management system by establishing quality objectives which are commensurate with changing industry demands for all wire rope related industries