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Trained technicians from Brunton Wire Ropes can be sent to your site for wire rope installation and removal services.

It is often required that the slings and shackle are load tested as per the inspection scheme or as per the manufacturing requirement. Brunton Wire Ropes offers load test facility for all types of slings, shackle, hook block, spreader beams etc. Getting your slings tested and rated by the manufacturer is further guarantee for quality of your equipment.

  • 1500-ton capacity
  • 85m long
  • Fully computerised
  • Breaking load testing up to 1125 ton
  • Proof load testing up to 1425 ton
  • Various comparison curves available (Load-elongation, Load-time and Elongation-time)
  • Separate facility for Lifting beams and spreader bars
  • Test certificate from DNV, ABS, TUV, BV

Installing steel wire ropes in multi-layer systems requires careful attention and specialized equipment like spooling machines. Installation must always be performed by trained personnel. During the spooling operation, the correct tension must be applied to avoid severe and costly damage to the steel wire ropes.

  • 60-ton capacity
  • Back tension
  • Diesel engine driven
  • Qualified spooling personnel

Damage to end terminations or to the wire rope near the end terminations will result in unexpected downtime if not checked on time. It is recommended that users of such equipment perform repair/re-socketing. Brunton Wire Ropes offers trained technicians to perform these services at your site.

Build-up of contamination on rope surface will increase the wear and tear of the rope, this reduces the lifespan of rope. Brunton Wire Ropes recommends that the ropes are regularly inspected, cleaned, and re-lubricated. Trained technicians from Brunton Wire Ropes remove contamination or build-up, and remove old lubricant from the wire rope prior to re-lubrication, thereby improving the effectiveness of the process.

Wire ropes must be considered as an equipment, not merely as a spare part. Wire ropes need to be serviced and inspected at regular intervals to ensure reliable performance and avoid unexpected downtime. Brunton Wire Ropes offers inspection services both visual and MPI.