Titan ropes are all about a superior strength-to-weight ratio, better performance, advanced metallurgies & longer rope life.

The oil & gas industry requires special attention, due to the extreme working conditions that their equipment must confront. The Usha Martin Group offers an expertly designed range called ‘Titan oil field ropes’ for the industry. These ropes can endure the most ultimate tests for strength and security. For oil & gas operations (except crane applications), we provide anchor mooring & pennant ropes, drilling lines, and riser tensioner ropes.

Anchor Mooring & Pennant ropes: For these applications, we supply specially developed and engineered conventional ropes and special ropes. Compacted 6 strand and 8 strand ropes are also available, when you need very high performance and fill factor.

  • Advanced metallurgies make our drilling lines even more flexible, with bending fatigue higher than industry standards. Drilling lines are put through very harsh working conditions - with heavy bending forces acting on these ropes continuously. Our foundries prepare steel wire for drilling lines with specialised metallurgical processes - contributing to their high flexibility, abrasion resistance, stable construction and absorption of crushing forces.

    • High flexibility
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Stable constructions absorb crushing forces
  • Specially designed constructions for riser tensioner ropes deliver the reliability you want.

    • High degree of flexibility
    • High abrasion resistance from drum & sheave
    • High fatigue resistance
    • Superior core quality

Bruton Wire Ropes can supply wire ropes for any application.